Tec-22 "All Models"

Parts and Prices

as of March 28, 2015

Part # TEC-22 PARTS
Scorpion or Sporter
T22-001 Replacement Parts Kit  4 Piece $50.00
T22-002  1 - Firing Pin  $18.00
 T22-003 2 - Firing Pins and 2 - Firing Pin Rebound Springs $45.00
T22-004 1 - Firing Pin and 1 - Firing Pin Rebound Springs $25.00
T22-005 1 - "Ever Sharp" Extractor and Spring $25.00
T22-005A  1 - "Ever Sharp"Extractor Only $20.00
T22-005B 1 - Extractor Spring $10.00
T22-006 Spring Replacement Kit 5 Piece $50.00
T22-007 Main Spring $20.00
T22-008 Recoil Spring $15.00
T22-009  Firing Pin Spring $10.00
T22-010 Magazine Catch Arm Spring $12.00


TEC- 9  AB-10

Parts and Prices

as of March 28, 2015

Part Number TEC-9 AB-10 PARTS Price
T9-000 Bolt OUT
T9-001 Firing Pin OUT
T9-002 Recoil Repair Kit  5 Pieces OUT
T9-003 Spring Replacement Kit  6 Pieces $60.00
T9-004 Disconnector Assembly  3 Pieces $50.00
T9-005 Disconnector $25.00
T9-006 Disconnector Spring $15.00
T9-007 Disconnector Axis $20.00
T9-007A Extractor OUT
T9-008 Sear OEM OUT
T9-009 Sear Spring $15.00
T9-010 Sear Axis $12.00
T9-011 Striker Spring $19.95
T9-011A Striker OUT
T9-012 Ejector $15.00
T9-013 Magazine Carch Arm  $35.00
T9-014  Magazine Catch Arm Spring  $15.00
T9-015  Recoil Buffer  $8.00
T9-016  Recoil Buffer Backer Plate  $8.00
T9-016A Recoil Spring $19.95
T9-016B Buffer and Buffer Plate Combo Pak $15.00
T9-017 Trigger Spring $15.00
T9-018 Receiver Take Down Pin $12.00
T9-019 Sling Catch $10.00
T9-020 Small E-Ring (Recoil Rod) $2.00
T9-021 Large E-Ring (Sear Pin)  $3.00

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