The fire control parts in the Tec-22 "Scorpion" and "Sporter" model are exactly the same.

The only difference is the threaded barrel which is illegal on the Sporter.


Tec-22 Parts and Hi-Cap Magazine


Hi-Cap Magazines

25 Round

Adjustable Steel Feed Lips

Polymer Construction


If you have shot .22 rimfire ammo, you know how dirty it is and you also know a lot of the generated crud gets into the magazine which renders the magazine unreliable.

With the TI-25 magazines that's no longer a problem.

Three stainless steel cap screws make it easy to disassemble the magazine into two separate halves for cleaning. Scrub the inside with a soft brush and hot soapy water. Then dry and reassemble the magazine. Its now as clean as it was when new. It costs more to make a magazine that can be disassemble. But being able to disassemble it is the right way to make a mag!

Have you ever wondered how to correct the amount of wiggle experienced with other high capacity mags in your Tec-22? A magazine should not wiggle very much, but it has to in order to fit right..... WELL NOT ANY MORE!  Because of their age and use the magazine well on the Tec-22 pistols vary from one to the other which explains why one magazine may run well in one Tec-22 and the same magazine will not run properly in a different Tec-22. What separates the TI-25 mag's from all the others is its adjust magazines head. Yup, the head of the TI-25 can be adjusted for FEED ANGLE, FEED HEIGHT and EJECTOR TO BOLT DISTANCE which allows for an exact fit in your Tec-22 Scorpion or Sporter.

The four cap screws on the top of the magazine which mates with your Tec-22 receiver magazine well allow the magazine to be quickly adjusted for an exact fit in your gun by minimally increasing or decreasing the individual heights of each of the cap screws (like leveling a large household appliance), resulting in a magazine that has minimally acceptable wiggle.

The TI-25 magazines are made from an Advanced Composite material, which has 2X times the impact resistance and 3X times the wear resistance of aluminum! Its weight to strength characteristics make it so strong that its used in the manufacture of airplanes. The TI-25 mags were tested by driving a full size Dodge 2500 V10 onto the mag as shown in the picture. Although it is not recommended that you abuse these mag that way, the test was to make sure there was no question about their strength. Of course its much less expensive to make a mag out of plastics of lesser strength, but the result is a mag that will easily crack and break. The TI-25 mags are designed to stand up to hard use. Why settle for less?

The most critical part of the mag other than its precise adjustment in the gun, is the feedlips. The TI-25 magazines use replaceable stainless steel feedlips to ensure that the feed angle remains consistent and smooth. The stainless steel feedlips also incorporate an ejector that can take a pounding from 1000's of rounds of brass and still keep kicking them our hard and fast. Magazines with plastic feedlips and plastic ejectors cannot provide the strength and durability of stainless steel. Does it cost more that plastic? Of course it does... but it also works and works well!

These mags were extensive testing in both full auto and semiauto guns. Combined with the state of the art CAD designing and CNC machining means that these mag have been designed to function reliabily. Other magazine have been manufactured using short cuts to save some money andas a result their reliability suffers. The unique feed geometry was driven by reliability, not cost.




Manufactured in 2016 with Nylon 6 which is used in many hi-stress hi-use applications.




8 Piece Replacement Parts Kit


 2-Firing Pins

2-Firing Pin Return Springs


1-Extractor Spring

1-Main Spring

1-Recoil Spring

 $105.00 VALUE


Firing Pin and Firing Pin Return Spring


buy 2 sets ($50.00) and save 25% ($12.50) on the total cost of 2 sets



"Ever Sharp" Extractor and Spring - $25.00


Basic Rebuild Kit 4 Piece   


Firing Pin 

Firing Pin Rebound Spring

Main Spring

Recoil Spring


4 Piece Spring Replacement Pak


Firing Pin Spring

Extractor Spring

Main Spring

Recoil Spring


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 "OEM"  fire control parts for the Tec-9 series of weapon's are no longer being manufactured. The parts listed below are the last of the original inventory available. We will continue to produce recoil buffers and buffer backer plates as well as all the internal springs.


Tec-9  Tec/DC-9  AB-10

Recoil Buffer & Buffer Stabilizing Plate



5 Piece Spring Kit


Sear Spring

Sear Retainer

Trigger Spring

Disconnector Spring

Striker Spring


3 Piece Disconnector Assembly



Disconnector Axis

Disconnector Spring


Ejector - $15.00

Sling Catch - $12.00

Sear/Ejector Axis - $8.00

Take Down Axis - $8.00

Large E-Ring - $2.00


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October, 2016